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We stock a variety of raw materials readily available to ensure your product is made to spec. We also have a wide supply of in house stock mixes if you do not already have a product formulated.


A very heavy duty d-limonene based degreaser. It has a strong emulsifier system and will emulsify (turn white) when mixed with water. It should normally be used in concentrated form and will rinse off with water. It is especially good at removing oil and grease stains from concrete. It is not recommended for use on asphalt. Apply straight and use a brush or broom to work into the surface of the concrete, allow to stand for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water until clean. Stock mix 34 is biodegradable. It will also remove adhesive from flooring tiles. Stock mix dm 28 is also a d-limonene based degreaser. It may remove graffiti from most surfaces. It is also a good glue and adhesive remover. It is biodegradable and water rinsable. use straight, do not dilute with water.


A medium level d-limonene detergent that can be used straight or diluted (without turning white) for most general purpose cleaning applications. It has the pleasant scent and cleaning power that is characteristic of d-limonene cleaners.


A very heavy duty aluminum brightener. It is a blend of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids with a high foaming, corrosion inhibiting surfactant system. 5 gallons of stock mix o-9r will make 55 gallons of ready to use aluminum brightener. It is available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

This product is a very strong acid mix and must be used with extreme care.


A powdered sulfamic acid descaler. It has an inhibitor to prevent corrosion and an indicator to show when it is used up. The color goes from a dark purple when the mixture is fresh to a yellow-orange when the acidity is used up. It is low foam so it can be circulated without excessive foam buildup. Use from 4 to 16 ounces per gallon of water. Hot water is best and will give the fastest results.


A powdered concrete cleaner for use in cleaning service station and garage floors and driveways. Best performance is obtained by wetting the surface to be cleaned, sprinkle the sm 327 on the area to be cleaned, then scrub with a broom or a stiff bristle brush. Allow to soak for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse clean. Results will be much better in warm weather . This product is available in 30 lb. pails, 50, 100, and 450 lb drums.


A silicone emulsion “armor all” type product. It will work to clean and shine rubber and vinyl surfaces. It can be used on tires, plastic seats, dashboards, and plastic automotive trim to provide a high, long lasting shine.
It can also be used when detailing engines to remove grease and leave engine looking newer. Never use on anything that is to be painted, because the silicone will prevent paint from sticking very well to surfaces that have had silicone on them. Do not use on tire tread, there will be a temporary severe loss of traction.



A “non butyl” general purpose cleaner that has similar cleaning properties to stock mix k-2 but does not contain butyl cellosolve. It can be uses as a floor or wall cleaner, or a non caustic hot tank cleaner. It contains some sodium silicate so thorough rinsing is important.


This is inhibited muriatic acid. It can be used for removal of severe rust from steel and rust stains from concrete. It is highly concentrated and must be used with adequate ventilation, gloves and safety goggles. This is a powerful, corrosive acid and must be used carefully.


A 10% active silicone defoamer. This is an extremely powerful defoamer and a very small amount will give long lasting defoaming. It can be used for all types of defoaming except where painting is a subsequent part of the process, as with all silicone products it will prevent paint adhesion.


A powdered truck wash. It is highly chealated and has a powerful emulsifier combination to help not only to remove road film but to promote free rinsing. Can be used at up to 8 ounces per gallon. It is a high foaming cleaner that can also be used as a general purpose cleaner for most hard surfaces. For best results on vehicles, wet the vehicle first then apply with brush or sponge applicator, starting from the bottom of the vehicle and working upward. Rinse from the top down. Do not allow the detergent to dry on the surface, as it may cause streaking and will be difficult to rinse.


A general purpose cleaner that is water base and contains butyl cellosolve, surfactants, phosphates, and silicate. It is a powerful, industrial strength cleaner that is safe on painted surfaces (when diluted) yet is strong enough to be used as a floor cleaner for use in automatic scrubbing machines for routine cleaning at dilutions as high as 50:1. For extremely difficult jobs such as engine degreasing, it should be used undiluted. It also can be used for carpet cleaning and spotting.


A low foam general purpose cleaner that is very good for carpet steam cleaning or any application where stock mix k-2 has too much foam.


A very concentrated surfactant based detergent. It is a blend of non ionic and anionic detergents. It is a high foaming concentrate that can be used for applications from washing dishes to washing cars and trucks. It has a stable, long lasting foam.

Z 14-12

A heavy duty solvent based degreaser. It is a blend of aliphatic and aromatic solvents which gives it a wider range of solvency. The emulsifiers allow it to be rinsed off with water. Use it straight, allow to penetrate, brush if possible and rinse off with water. Do not allow the areas to be cleaned to get wet before application of cleaner. Use with care as the solvents may cause damage to some rubber parts or insulation. The flash point is over 140 degrees fahrenheit.


A chlorinated low foam powdered detergent. It is an excellent machine dishwashing compound, and it can also be used as a laundry detergent with bleach as well as a bottle washing compound for home brewing, a floor cleaner to help bleach concrete and a low foam c.i.p. and equipment cleaner. It works very well on stainless steel.
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