Dry Products

With the Variety of Dry Mixers Available,
Both Acid and Alkaline Blends are Within Our Scope of Operations.

Dry blending products include:

water treatment blends
plating cleaners
marine cleaners and treatments
floor cleaners
bath salts


3 Marion Paddle Mixers

The capacity of our steel mixers for your batches include:

3,000 pounds mild steel mixer
1,000 pounds mild steel mixer
1,200 pounds stainless mixer


Packaging Options

We provide a wide variety of packaging for your blend:

30 to 2,500 pounds
fiber drum or keg
steel drum
polyethylene pail
bulk bag (Super Sack)


The dry production section of the plant has its own room and each mixer has its own dust collection system that is self contained.

All batches are weighed prior to blending and again when the batch is pulled from the mixer and product is packaged.

All hazardous powders are packaged in approved containers, and all containers are sealed. With the variety of dry mixers available both acid and alkaline blends are within our scope of operations.