Quality Control

Through Using Approved Suppliers, Inspections and Protection
of Formulas Throughout the Production Process,
Our Quality Control is Top Notch.

Raw Materials

Purchased from approved suppliers and inspected before use.


Stored alongside customer information and tracked throughout production to maintain any quality control procedures are implemented before packaging.

Unique Codes

Each customer has their own unique code attached to their product to track throughout the production as well as the shipping process.

Retained Sample

Finished product samples are retained for up to 6 months to protect the customer

Quality Control Measures

Raw materials tracked by lot numbers noted at the time of production. Produced in stainless steel tanks on digital scales for accuracy. Inspected for clarity, specific gravity, pH, titration, and refractive index upon customer request.

Finished Products

Staged in the shipping area, customer products are ready for their own private label and get shipped on the many carriers we work with on a daily basis.